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 Rachels Challenge

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PostSubject: Rachels Challenge   Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:41 pm

Today at my school was a presentation about a young girl named Rachel Joy Scott. She died in a shooting in Columbine High School in Colorado. Rachel was an average person, except for one thing, she reached out to the lives of her fellow classmates. She one day, wrote on the back of her dresser inside an outline of her hands, "My name is Rachel Joy Scott, and one day these hands will touch of hearts of millions," and they did. She reached out to every kid in her school that was being bullied or excluded and made them feel welcome. She sat with a new girl at lunch when no one would, and they became friends. She said the life of a boy named Allan when he was being bullied in the hallway by sticking up for him, he had special needs and was going to commit suicide later that day because he felt alone, but he didn't, because Rachel finally made him feel like someone cared about him. Rachel predicted she was going to die young, she died in 1999 from a school shooting from 2 boys who killed 11 people, and then themselves later that day in the library. Rachel kept diaries of how she felt about things and what she did, in the back of her last journal she had a picture of a pair of eyes crying 13 tears onto a rose and then turning into blood, this drawing was drew a day before she died. As a coincidence, 13 people died that day. I'm not trying to make this into a sob story, but an encouragement to all of you. I want each and every one of you that reads this to take Rachels Challenge. The Challenge is to start a Chain Reaction within your school, group or community of kindness. One simple act of kindness can make someones day by just giving them a smile and saying hello. Im not the type of person who is very emotional, but at the end of the presentation I was balling my eyes out, my entire school was, teachers and all. It is a very touching thing to watch and entire school bond even though it might last for one day. But please remember one thing that Rachel said as i said earlier, "Even the smallest act of kindness can change someone." If you could see if you could find a video or something about it i highly encourage you to do so or tell your school about it, you wont regret it and you might start a Chain Reaction.

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Rachels Challenge
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